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CF Montréal 2022 Season Preview


Armchair Analyst's Breakdown

  • Strength: There was teamwide buy-in and chemistry last year, and with it came a tangible amount of progress on both an individual and collective level.
  • Weakness: Do they have enough top-end talent to take another step and become a playoff team?

Key Departures

  • Kiki Struna: Center back Kiki Struna left Montréal after one season in Canada, having joined via trade from Houston Dynamo FC. Struna made 18 appearances in 2021 with Montréal, part of his 64 career MLS appearances.

Key Acquisitions

Projected Starting XI

CF Montreal - projected XI 2022


  • Charles Boehm: 8th in East
  • Tom Bogert: 6th in East
  • Matt Doyle: 5th in East
  • David Gass: 6th in East
  • Sam Jones: 6th in East
  • Joe Lowery: 4th in East
  • Greg Seltzer: 12th in East
  • Andrew Wiebe: 8th in East