MLS Greats Network

The official alumni group of Major League Soccer.

Get Connected

Designed for former MLS players, the MLS Greats Network celebrates all former players (MLS Greats) and keeps them connected to the League, their clubs, and one another. Through engagement and professional development resources, we want players to know that they are always welcome and supported. 

Not sure if you qualify? An MLS Great is any player who signed an MLS contract and no longer plays in the league. If that’s you, welcome to the MLS Greats Network! Complete the contact form below so we can keep in touch.

Why We Exist

  • To CELEBRATE you. Through the MLS Greats Network, Major League Soccer acknowledges our players’ contributions to the league and to the soccer world.

  • To create COMMUNITY with you. The MLS Greats Network provides a safe environment for our players to fellowship and stay connected to the game.

  • To COLLABORATE with you. The MLS Greats Network facilitates former players’ personal and professional growth while advancing the game of soccer around the world.


Calling all MLS Greats! Connect with us and we will add you to the MLS Greats Network and keep you in the loop on MLS updates, events, and Player Engagement opportunities.