Ronaldo - David Beckham - Practice

David Beckham catches up with old Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo, dishes on Inter Miami

The original Ronaldo — the former Brazil star and second all-time leading World Cup scorer — spent part of his Wednesday live streaming conversations with his former Galactico Real Madrid teammates, including Inter Miami owner and former LA Galaxy star David Beckham.

In a chat that begins roughly 33 minutes into the the video below, Ronaldo and Beckham caught up on video chat just like any two friends might who are spending extra time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. Among the topics, Beckham discussed the understandable frustration of having to close up shop days before Miami was scheduled to host it's first-ever MLS home match.

"It’s difficult times," Beckham admitted. "With Miami this was the first season. We’ve played two games so far. We haven’t played a home game yet in our stadium. The first week of the lockdown was when we were going to play our first game. So it’s difficult. But the most important thing is that obviously everybody stays healthy, stays safe and then we can take the advice of the governments and the places where we’re going to be playing. But I think that that’s the most important thing.

"But with Miami, we’re excited. You’ve spent a lot of time in Miami and it’s a special place with special people and to have the team that we have, to have the players that we have, to have the ownership group and to have the stadium and the facility that we have is really exciting for us."

Beckham also shared some of his philosophy about building the new club with his former teammate.

"I try to take things from Manchester, to Madrid, to Milan, to PSG to the Galaxy, all the teams that I’ve played at," he said. "I’ve tried to take a little bit from every team into this organization. We’re really excited. We’re really excited, to be an owner of the team is something that feels different but it’s special."

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