Cameron Porter - goal celebration against Pachuca
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Can an MLS team win third series against Liga MX in CONCACAF Champions League?

MLS vs. Liga MX. That is the rivalry between leagues in the CONCACAF region.

But in reality, it hasn't been a real rivalry since CONCACAF Champions League started in 2008-09. Since then, Liga MX has won 12 of 14 two-legged series against MLS. That stat will not exactly put D.C. United, LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake and Seattle Sounders fans at ease.

One of the two winners were actually the Sounders, back in 2012-13, when they defeated Tigres UANL in the quarterfinals. The other came just last year when the Montreal Impact beat Pachuca in the quarterfinals after Cameron Porter scored the series-winning goal in the 93rd minute.

Real Salt Lake and United might hold the advantage over their compatriots this go-around, as they will be facing their Liga MX opponents at home in the second leg. In the 14 series, MLS teams have hosted second legs four times. The two-series wins were two of those instances, with the other two coming in 2010-11 Finals between RSL and Monterrey and last year's finals when the Impact faced off against Club America.

Below you can find all 14 two-legged series between MLS and Liga MX since 2008-09.

Year MLS Liga MX Aggregate Score 2nd Leg Location
2008-09 Houston Atlante 1-4 Atlante
2009-10 Columbus Toluca 4-5 Toluca
2010-11 Real Salt Lake Monterrey 2-3 Real Salt Lake
2011-12 Seattle Santos Laguna 3-7 Santos Laguna
2011-12 Toronto Santos Laguna 3-7 Santos Laguna
2012-13 Seattle Tigres 3-2 Seattle
2012-13 Houston Santos Laguna 1-3 Santos Laguna
2012-13 Seattle Santos Laguna 1-2 Santos Laguna
2012-13 LA Galaxy Monterrey 1-3 Monterrey
2013-14 LA Galaxy Tijuana 3-4 Tijuana
2013-14 Kansas City Cruz Azul 2-5 Cruz Azul
2013-14 San Jose Toluca 2-2 (4-5) Toluca
2014-15 Montreal Pachuca 3-3 Montreal
2014-15 Montreal Club America 3-5 Montreal