Finished Ignacio Piatti Nachos

For #NachoDay—and this weekend’s Columbus Crew SC-Montreal Impact playoffs game—here’s a recipe for Nachos Piatti | SIDELINE

Andrea Pirlo may have had a sandwich on a New York sub shop menu to celebrate him, but Ignacio “Nacho” Piatti gets an entire day today.

Oh wait, “National Nachos Day” isn’t actually about our Montreal Impact midfielder? And it’s a random marketing thing? Details, details.

Piatti and the Impact are still going to face off against Columbus Crew SC at 5 p.m. ET on Sunday and if you’re watching, you’ll need snacks. Or you can just try these now, because #Friday.

We over here at MLS Digital HQ have created the ultimate lazy-person’s recipe for you: Nachos Piatti.

Nothing to give the false sense of cooking accomplishment like some microwaving, right?

The ingredients boast a nod to Piatti’s home country of Argentina; the rest is just there for nacho reasons.



  • Tortilla chips
  • Thinly sliced, cooked steak – Nothing gives a lazy nod to Argentina like steak!
  • Milanesa de pollo – This is just thin breaded and fried chicken. We bought ours ready-made because New York is awesome like that; but here’s a quick recipe if you want to make your own. Think thin chicken cutlet.
  • Empanadas – Who doesn’t like carbs and meat on their carbs and meat?
  • Chimichurri sauce – Again, a lazy nod to Argentina
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pecorino – The closest thing we could find to Pecorino Sardo, an actual Argentine cheese, within a few blocks’ radius
  • Dulce de leche and a good Argentine Malbec -- No, these don't go on the nachos, you savages. They're for savoring as an after-nacho finish.



Slice the meats and empanadas into bite-size pieces.

Mix some chimichurri sauce with the steak pieces.

Layer the ingredients on a plate – we went tortilla chips, milanesa, steak, extra chimichurri sauce, empanada pieces, a ton of mozzarella, and some more Pecorino on top.

Microwave. In our office machine, this took exactly 1:26.


Voila! Hearty, meaty, and with a little flair and kick at the end—just like Nacho on the pitch!