Tifo trolling: Montreal Impact fans remind Toronto FC they've still never made MLS Cup Playoffs | SIDELINE

As a fan, seeing your closest rival lose or fail to qualify for the playoffs from afar is certainly a great feeling — epsecially if the team you support is having a rough year of their own.

But aside from winning, nothing beats the satisfaction of being the ones to hammer the final nail into that coffin yourself.

On Saturday, the Montreal Impact and several hundred traveling fans had the distinct pleasure of making Toronto FC's playoff elimination official with a 1-1 draw at BMO Field

They, of course, were quick to bring up the fact that for the eighth straight year — every year of the club's existence — the Reds have failed to qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs. Trash-talking tifos are the best:

Well played, Impact fans. Slightly harsh, but very well played.