Will Bruin
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Entrance Exam: Q&A with Houston rookie Bruin

MLSsoccer.com kicks off a new series in which we look at 10 promising rookies over the next two weeks. First up is the Houston Dynamo’s Will Bruin.

The big center forward led Indiana University with 18 goals in 2010 and is a member of Generation adidas. This past weekend, he finally got off the mark in orange, scoring his first, second and third goals of the preseason.

Bruin is expected to be a regular contributor for the Dynamo in 2011 and is currently fighting for a starter’s role alongside MLS and US national team veteran Brian Ching.

MLSsoccer.com's Question 1: What’s been the most unexpected difference between MLS and college so far?

Will Bruin: Playing-wise, or overall?

MLSsoccer.com: Either. Whichever’s caught you most by surprise.

Bruin: Well, first of all it’s a lot more free time than I expected and ... well, I expected the play to be much quicker and much more physical, and it is, but people are much better in the air than I expected.

MLSsoccer.com: At 6-foot-2, you’re a big guy and were always able to kind of dominate, and that hasn’t been the case now?

Bruin: Yeah, exactly. It’s been tough.

[inline_node:329905]MLSsoccer.com's Question 2: Which veterans have provided the most guidance, and in what way?

Bruin: Bobby Boswell has. I look up to him a lot, just how he carries himself. He’s told us repeatedly the ins and outs of being a pro, things to do, things not to do. And then also, playing-wise, I look up to Brian Ching in terms of how he carries himself on and off the field and how he goes about his business.

MLSsoccer.com's Question 3: It’s the MLS Cup final. It’s tied, it’s heading to penalties. Do you want to be one of the five penalty-takers?

Bruin: Yes, I would.

MLSsoccer.com: Would you try to go first?

Bruin: [Head coach Dominic Kinnear] would probably get the five together and have the ultimate say about the order everybody went in. I mean, I wouldn’t have a preference what number I went, I’d just like to take one.

MLSsoccer.com: Do you think he’d let a rookie take one?

Bruin: [Laughing] I’m not sure.

MLSsoccer.com's Question 4: Have you come up with a goal celebration yet, or will you go spontaneous?

Bruin: It’ll probably be spontaneous, and that usually means it’ll be a pretty stupid one, but whatever, we’ll see.

MLSsoccer.com: So no Cuauhtémoc Blanco-style archer thing out of you?

Bruin: Nothing too crazy for me, not this year.

MLSsoccer.com's Question 5: Anything you’d like to say to the hardcore fans of El Batallón and Texian Army?

Bruin: Yeah, we’re definitely looking forward to a great season, looking forward to rebounding from last year, which was a little down year for the club. The future looks bright this coming season. We’ve been looking good so far [in the preseason] with our effort, and we’ve been getting good results. And just thanks for always being out there to support us.