Andy Williams was one of the lucky Real Salt Lake players who weren't stranded in Atlanta on Sunday night.
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RSL players tweet from the road to Toronto

The trip to Panama last week was certainly a successful one for Real Salt Lake, but a taxing one nonetheless.

And the road to Toronto for Tuesday night’s CONCACAF Champions League matchup began Sunday with some unwelcome travel woes, stranding roughly half the team in Atlanta.

The team arrived late after being routed from Salt Lake City through Atlanta on the way to Toronto, and only half the players were able to get on a flight to Canada late Sunday night. The rest were left behind after missing the connection, with hopes of reaching their destination on Tuesday.

READ: RSL's marathon month coming to a thankful end turned to Twitter to get the latest word, and offers up some takes from the players as they continue on the road to Toronto:

Kyle Beckerman: “Started at 9 o' clock this morning and still trying to make it to Toronto. Delays, delays, delays. Worst traveling day all year.”

Andy Williams: “8:30 am tomorrow is our flight lol thanks Delta, where is the nearest bar”

Tony Beltran: “Stuck in Atlanta for the night. Never been here before, not sure what to expect.”

Williams and Chris Wingert were both lucky enough to leave Atlanta on Sunday night.

Chris Wingert: “We r still in ATL... Supposedly leaving in 20 min. Thank u very little”

Andy Williams: “Wheels up Twitches finally”