Terrence Boyd "happy to come to MLS," vows to give everything for Toronto

Terrence Boyd - USMNT - close up

It took him several years, but Terrence Boyd has finally made it to Major League Soccer, and the former US international is eager to make the most of his opportunity in a league he's long watched with interest from across the Atlantic.

How eager? Like, ready to "kill people in the name of the team" eager.

That was one of several memorable quotes in Boyd's recent conversation with Sportsnet reporter John Molinaro, where he explains how and why he made it to Toronto FC this offseason, and what Reds fans can expect from him. 

"Off the field, I’m kind of like a clown; I don’t take life that seriously. But on the pitch, I think of myself as a monster. I’m one of those guys who presses the defenders to try to force them to make mistakes, and just puts my body into everything. I just go out and kill people in the name of the team. You will see," Boyd said.

It's a worthy read on the passionate striker, who says this was "the right time to come to MLS."