Obafemi Martins celebrates a goal against Chivas USA
PHOTO: Obafemi Martins turned jerseys from his former clubs into dining room furniture | THE SIDELINE -

Seattle Sounders forward Obafemi Martins is a man who likes to score a goal or two on Saturday nights. He also likes a backflip celebration or two. Martins' secret talent, however, might just be his eye for creative interior design.

When you've played some of the places the Nigerian national team star has played — Inter Milan, Newcastle, Wolfsburg and Rubin Kazan, just to name a few — you get a chance to see different cultures, different styles, different approaches to formal dining and home decor. You also get a chance to collect a lot of jerseys from a lot of different clubs.

Martins' thought was obviously, "Why don't I combine all of those things together and make the most awesome set of gold-framed dining room arm chairs anyone has ever seen?" Or, something along those lines.

Either way, the above picture is a set of dining room chairs, presumed to reside in Martins' Seattle home, as seen on the player's Instagram page.