Minnesota United FC head coach Adrian Heath knows the ins and outs of both MLS and the English game about as well as anyone, most notably having starred as a player for Everton in the 1980s before moving stateside, where he's spent over a decade honing his craft as a manger.

The Loons' boss addressed what he believes are some misconceptions about MLS espoused by some in his home country in quotes supplied by British outlet The Daily Mail released on Wednesday, saying he believes the quality and difficulty of the league are often undersold.

"There's an ignorance and it is disrespectful. Listen, the MLS is a tough league," Heath said. "You could be playing in 110-degree heat in Houston one day then in altitude in Colorado, freezing, the next. You're taking six-hour flights, adjusting to different time zones, then playing competitive matches. It's no pushover I promise you."

Part of the progression has been the increasing level of young talent to be found in the league, with Heath citing former Vancouver Whitecaps FC product and current Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies as one example. Heath revealed that he told contacts at English clubs to inquire about the Canadian international standout, but was met with skepticism.

"When Alphonso Davies was over here, I told four or five clubs in England they should take him but they were like 'nah'." Heath said. "Bayern Munich took the chance and now you'd be lucky to get change out of a £100m for him. There's a lot of talent here."

Among other topics, Heath also weighed in on the arrival of Wayne Rooney as the new head coach of D.C. United and what he's expecting from the English icon in his first MLS managerial role.

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