Luchi Gonzalez: FC Dallas will develop stars, not buy them

Luchi Gonzalez - FC Dallas head coach - portrait

Although the 2019 roster will look quite a bit different than the one in 2018, new FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez pledges his team will compete for an MLS Cup, while staying true to the club’s identity of building through youth.

“Moving forward, this is a club that has a clear model and a philosophy that we want to develop stars and not necessarily purchase or buy them,” Gonzalez said in an appearance on Fox 4 in Dallas. “We feel that’s about our players, our people, our staff. That’s what we are doing and we feel at the same time we can compete for championships. I’m excited to continue to find that balance and do so.”

Luchi Gonzalez Takes Over FC Dallas

Edward Egros speaks with new FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez about leading a young roster and what things Team USA needs to do to make soccer competitive against the rest of the world.

Posted by FOX 4 Sports on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Even with veterans like Roland Lamah, Victor Ulloa and Maxi Urruti out of the picture, Gonzalez, who was officially named head coach on Sunday, said the club won’t lack leadership heading into his first season at the helm.

“I feel that leadership comes in all shapes and forms,” he said. “I think every player on the roster has a style of leadership that they can contribute to the group cause.”

Gonzalez said that working his way up through the club for the past seven years has made him “humble and hungry” to take over as head coach. It’s also allowed him to forge relationships with the young player base as well as some of the older returning veterans.

“I know the club through and through and I’ve worked with all the different ages and I’ve had the privilege as well to work with Oscar [Pareja] and assist in what we can with the professional team,” Gonzalez said. “For me, it’s more of a connection about what development is and the ownership obviously modeled that with their actions.”

Gonzalez said there are still a few moves to be made in building next year’s roster, as evidenced by Friday's move to acquire Brazilian center back Bressan, and his staff is also still under construction.

But Gonzalez is confident FC Dallas are "ready for the next step.”

“Oscar and the former coaches have got it to the stability that it is now, the consistent, competitive team with the roster and we just want to take that next step,” Gonzalez said. “I’m honored to lead that.”