Steven Gerrard's second season in MLS could be the last of his illustrious career.

Gerrard recently told the Telegraph that he is contemplating hanging up his boots at the end of 2016. The 35-year-old midfielder is gearing up for his first full season in MLS after joining the LA Galaxy last summer, and retirement could follow.

“I’m not 100 percent sure but I think it will probably be my last year as a player,” Gerrard told the Telegraph.

If Gerrard calls it a career, he could go into coaching. Gerrard is keen on staying involved in the sport in some capacity after his playing days, and does not want to be part of the large number of former England internationals who do not pursue other careers in soccer.

"I have regrets I didn’t start my coaching badges at 21, 22," said Gerrard. "All that time wasted in hotels as an England player when I’ve been bored and was watching ‘The Office’ and ‘The Sopranos’. I wish I’d done my CBA [coaching] licence then so I’d be doing my pro-licence now.

"I know many players get to the end of their careers, get handed a thick C licence pack and say, ‘Nah, I’m not doing that.’ That’s 70-80 caps and 600 career appearances and he is just going, 'nah.' He could have had it done."