Inter Miami CF forward Gonzalo Higuain says he enjoys playing soccer again in MLS

Gonzalo Higuain - Inter Miami CF - September 2020

Gonzalo Higuaín has seen it all in his career: He has won titles with some of the best clubs in the world and competed in three FIFA World Cups and three Copa América tournaments.

But the Argentine forward had his eye on MLS long before joining Inter Miami this season and has found something special now that he's here.

"I've always been curious about this league, after watching it closely because of my brother and other big players," Higuaín told CBS Sports. "But I wanted to come here with the intention of being happy to play again and I think Inter Miami gave me everything I needed. Coming here to this league, gives me that feeling again, back when I was a kid enjoying playing, where in Europe I think that left me for many different reasons."

He went on to explain: “I think from a media perspective, Europe was just too much. I had to basically prove to them [the media] every day, game by game, what I have done all my career, and patience was cutting short. So they don't give you time to truly enjoy playing."

The 32-year-old called it a “privilege” to play in Europe during the Messi/Ronaldo era, but he is glad that he has the opportunity to catch up with his older brother, Federico, now that they play for the same club.

After joining Inter Miami in September, it took Higuaín three starts to get his first MLS goal in the form of a perfectly placed free kick against the New York Red Bulls on Oct. 7. He'll miss the club's next match on Saturday against Orlando after he received a red card after the final whistle of the most recent match against Montreal.

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