Extratime: Pep Guardiola to MLS? Only kinda kidding! MLS Week 5

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In this episode, the crew is digging deep into the rumor mill. Would Pep Guardiola trade Man City for MLS and New York City FC? Football consultant Ian McGarry says his contract makes mention of that very possibility! Will Pep actually make the swap? Would he dominate the league? Is any of this actually real?! Who knows, to be honest. Plus, Bobby explains how coaches build a cohesive culture in their teams, Orlando City goes back to basics thanks to a Nani-led players meeting and Zlatan might be back for the Galaxy.

In the second segment, eMLS Cup for dummies (or just Wiebe). First, eMLS correspondent & FIFA YouTuber Jake Barford explains why competitive FIFA is a big deal, then the eMLS Cup favorite Doolsta (Philadelphia Union) stops by to explain how he became a pro player, how he prepares for tournaments, what his parents think and what winning the big one would mean to him.

In the mailbag, the state of the US men’s national team after a win and a draw during the international break.

Time Segment
3:48 Jozy + Pozuelo on Friday Night MLS on TSN
5:14 Could Pep Guardiola swap Man City for New York City? Hey, it’s possible!
11:07 What does it take to build a culture? How, practically, would a coach do it?
17:25 Have Orlando City found a style that works for them?
21:50 Zlatan is back! Well, almost … but are LA inching back toward the MLS elite?
24:43 ESPN+ must-watch matches
28:50 INTERVIEW: eMLS correspondent & FIFA YouTuber Jake Barford
40:01 INTERVIEW: eMLS Cup favorite Doolsta on how he became a FIFA pro
53:49 MAILBAG: State of the US men’s national team



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