What you need to know for the Fall season of MLS Fantasy

There were a lot of changes to the MLS Fantasy game at the start of the 2018 season. The website got a makeover, rolling transfers became available, app integration was added and the game was split into two seasons. We’ve now reached the end of the Spring fantasy season so it’s time to start bragging if you won and or to start making your plans for success in the fall season if you came up short.

Of course, the one who can brag the loudest is Tod Modisette, manager of Boycottamo V, who came in first place in the overall Spring league with a score of 2543 point. Congrats to Tod for winning the $2,000 gift card, and congratulations to all of the winners of the official club leagues!

This is also the perfect time to start a team if you missed out on the spring season. If you want more information about how to do that, check out this preseason article. Once you’ve finished, or if you’re a returning player, keep reading to find out what you need to know to be ready for the 2018 Fall MLS Fantasy Season.

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Monday July 30 is our transition day. That means this is your chance to view all of your spring league points and for league winners to be displayed. You will NOT be able to set your lineups for Round 23 at this time. On Tuesday, July 31 at 9 am ET, everything will change over to the fall season and transfers will be active again.

What’s changing?

So what can you expect to see when you login to set your team on Tuesday?

  • Fantasy Manager scores will reset back to 0
  • Standings will be reset and cleared
  • League rankings will we reset
  • Team salary caps will rest back to $100 million
  • Player prices will reset back to their original value… well mostly

So right now you’re probably thinking, “wait, what does ‘well mostly’ mean?” We all know that player prices and positions are always a bit of a guess at the start of the season. Some players always overperform and others quickly become a waste of cash. The spring/fall reset allows the opportunity for players to be tuned if they were noticeably over or underpriced. You can expect the majority of players to reset back to their original spring value, but a few will be adjusted.

League Management

One of the most frequent questions I’ve seen leading up to the fall season is “what will happen to the leagues I’m in or manage?” I’m happy to say that the fall transition will be quite easy.

  • Once the fall season starts, commissioners will be able to select which fall season round the league should begin
  • Commissioners can make changes to their existing leagues including: start date, player pool size, and playoff format up until the lockout for the first game of the selected starting round (Round 23 for most)
  • Spring season standings will still be available after the transition, but players will need log into their league and navigate back to the spring weeks to view previous standings and winners
  • You can NOT convert a league from H2H to Open or vice versa
  • New leagues can be created at any time
  • Players may leave any league after the fall season transition
  • Players will be able to join any existing league, with an open spot, after the fall season transition as long as the league has not begun

One important note: there was an issue with leagues needing the exact amount of managers at the start of the spring season. That issue has not yet been resolved to been an eye on your player totals before your H2H leagues start.


Don’t forget, the winner of each season will earn $2,000. Winners of the supporters’ leagues in both the spring and fall seasons will receive a $200 gift card. For complete contest rules and eligibility requirements, head to the Prizes page.

That’s it! Everything else about the game will remain the same. Don’t forget, Round 23 kicks off on Saturday, August 4 at 4 pm ET.

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