Carlos Vela - LAFC - dribbling through Portland Timbers
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Portland Timbers withdraw protest over LAFC foreign players in Open Cup

The Portland Timbers have withdrawn their protest over the number of foreign players fielded by LAFC in their U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal game on Wednesday, U.S. Soccer announced Friday night.

"After a thorough review of the Portland Timbers' official protest, it has been determined that the inclusion of additional foreign players was a result of a good faith misunderstanding among U.S. Soccer, Major League Soccer and Los Angeles Football Club," the federation announced in a statement." Each organization involved has agreed to determine an improved process to ensure this will not happen again. In recognition of this fact, the Timbers have gracefully withdrawn their protest."

The Timbers filed the protest, which has delayed the draw for the Open Cup semifinals and final, following a 3-2 loss at LAFC after which the question was raised as to whether the home team had fielded fielded more than the maximum of five foreign players permitted under Open Cup regulations. (Lawful permanent residents, a.k.a. green card holders, do not count towards the foreign player limit in Open Cup play.)