Michael Bradley - Close-up in pregame walkout -- 11/19/16
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Toronto FC's Michael Bradley saddened by events in Charlottesville

Michael Bradley may be a Princeton, New Jersey native, but he spent plenty of time in Charlottesville, Virginia, while growing up.

As a result, he was deeply affected by what transpired there this past weekend.

Bradley opened up about his feelings towards the acts of violence and racism that took place at the University of Virginia in an interview with Sportsnet. The Toronto FC and US national team captain was extremely saddened by the events that left three people dead and 19 injured, especially since he knows the area well.

“Charlottesville is a place that means a lot to my family," Bradley told Sportsnet. "My mom [attended school] there. My dad coached there. My parents met there. My cousin goes there now. Growing up, I can remember driving down to watch my dad’s Princeton team play against UVA in Charlottesville. I can remember going to the UVA soccer camp in the summer.

"It’s a beautiful little town and to see everything that went on there for a few days was just terrible. It broke my heart."

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