Javier "Chicharito" Hernández and Carlos Vela training for Mexico in Amsterdam

Chicharito supports Carlos Vela's move to LAFC: "I'm happy if he is happy"

Carlos Vela's move to LAFC for the 2018 season is making waves, here and abroad. In Mexico, some are unhappy that Vela is choosing to leave Europe.

But Vela's teammate on the Mexican national team, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, rushed to the forward's defense during a press conference on Friday. When asked about the move, a visibly agitated Hernandez, who moved in the offseason from Bayer Leverkusen to West Ham United, stood up for the decision made by Vela.

"I'm happy if he is happy," Hernandez said. "Anyone does with his or her life whatever he or she wants to do. He did it for a reason, and I know he'll be happy."

Vela is the third high-profile Mexican international to join MLS in as many years, following brothers Giovani and Jonathan dos Santos at LAFC's local rivals LA Galaxy.

"If we make decisions in our lives from time to time, and they make us Mexicans proud, what else is there for us to do? We are trying to pursue our own happiness," Chicharito continued. "We have to look at the positive side of things. The fact Jonathan dos Santos has joined his brother, that's a dream they both had and they lived it while playing at Villarreal.

"They will be living a better life. Why is that wrong? Why is it that [Mexicans] have to be used to suffering? Because 'Chicharito' is in England, in London, playing in a country with a different language, he's worth it and the rest are not, whenever they are not."

Mexico's all-time leader scorer concluded his answer with a condemnation of the perceived negativity towards El Tri players.

"They are my teammates and I love them and admire them. I'm tired of looking at the negative side of things whenever questions are made in Mexico – whether we win, lose or draw; whether some guys play abroad, whether they're pursuing their happiness; whether some players grow. It's just about everything. There's always a negative side to everything."