What 'Cha Got, Chris Korb? DC United defender Korb takes to the track

Chris Korb is tired of the D.C. gridlock -- not the kind you find on Capitol Hill, but the traffic on the roads in and around the District. The D.C. United defender is ready to get away from the Beltway and see what a high-performance machine can do without other cars in the way.

But, just as there are in Washington, there are always obstacles to contend with on the course as well.

And while politics can get down and dirty depending on which side of the aisle you're on, "What 'Cha Got," presented by Continental Tire, is a nonpartisan -- but no less hard-fought -- competition between MLS players and personalities, who compete by conference – East and West, just like in the league. The challenge: Getting behind the wheel of a super car and getting around the course faster than everybody else. The reward: Winner gets to keep the car for a year.

So how does Korb fare behind the wheel of an Audi R8? Can he match former teammate Perry Kitchen's victory from 2015?

Tune in and find out.