FIFA President Gianni Infantino, July 25, 2016
Reuters Action Images

FIFA president Infantino open to 40-team, co-hosted World Cup

Get ready for the possibility of a mega-CONCACAF-y World Cup in the future. Ahead of next month's World Cup talks, FIFA president Gianni Infantino hinted today at a possible bombshell regarding the 2026 edition of soccer's biggest tournament.

After meeting with the European Club Association, he said he would be open to a 40-team World Cup co-hosted by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. "These two topics will certainly be on the table for discussion," he told the Associated Press. "There is, I would say, no limit to whatever is good for football."

Many are saying that, regardless of whether the tournament is co-hosted or not, it's likely the next World Cup bid could go to North America. The CONCACAF region hasn't hosted since 1994's World Cup in the US. With Qatar hosting in 2022, at least all of Asia is ruled out for 2026, as FIFA currently forbids continents to host back to back.

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