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Some Timbers fans are writing a 'Hamilton' spoof about Darlington Nagbe

This is real -- oh so real. Behold, the first track of an upcoming Timbers-fan ode to Darlington Nagbe, a Hamilton spoof to be called Darlington: An American Timber. It's called, well, "Nagbe Comma Darlington."

It was only a matter of time before Hamilton fever somehow made its way to the supporter stands, right? This isn't a one-off, though. An entire musical, some 10 to 12 tracks, is due out by September, our super-secret sources, deep in our Twitter DMs, tell us.

We salute another instance of Cascadian creativity. Expect more of it on national TV this Sunday on FOX when Nagbe and the Timbers take on their eternal rivals, Seattle Sounders (3 pm ET on FOX).