Portland Timbers "Set Piece" video game - 6/22/16
Portland Timbers

Portland Timbers release "Set Piece," a free web-based video game

The Portland Timbers released the first team-developed, web-based video game in MLS history last week, working with Portland agency Instrument to launch “Set Piece,” a free game inspired by the Timbers Army’s iconic “Tetris” chant.  

Set Piece is a Timbers take on the classic video game Tetris. It features seven different Timbers-centric illustrated game pieces and different Oregon-themed backgrounds – including Providence Park – as the player clears each level.

As is the case with the original Tetris game, the goal of Set Piece is to “set the pieces together” in one contiguous line to accumulate points. After 10 lines are removed, players will move to a new level, with each level increasing in difficulty. A leaderboard tracking the top 100 scores appears after the completion of each session.

You can play the game on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices, with the current release available on all browsers.

Click here to give it a spin