Just Don x Chicago Fire x Mitchell & Ness capsule hat collection

Streetwear alert: Check out this Just Don x Chicago Fire x Mitchell & Ness capsule hat collection

There are hats, and then there are wearable objets d’art that just happen to sit on your head. Serious streetwear addicts know Just Don hats as creations that approach the latter.

Forget your average logo-stamped snapback. Just Don takes sports-themed hats and amps up the upscale details—and ratchets down the availability—until they’re legit luxe collectors’ items. That’s why when a new design or capsule collection comes out; they sell out almost immediately, scooped up by connoisseurs and celebs like Wale and Lebron James. (Yes, that means the creations come at celeb-level–or maybe just ultra-careful-budgeter—prices.)

Now, Don C. (the designer behind Just Don) has lended his decorating finesse to MLS, with a new capsule collection of Chicago Fire hats for the brand Mitchell & Ness.  (Mitchell & Ness took care of the actual hat part; Don decorated the brim.)

There are four different designs available now, but you can only scoop them up through Don C.’s RSVP Gallery in Chicago, either in person or online soon at justdon.com. The retail cost is $450, but that price gets you the bragging rights of scoring an item from a super-limited edition. Check out some photos of the collection below.



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