Empire Supporters Club New York Red Bulls fans in 2016
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Heineken Rivalry Week: Digging into NY fan stereotypes with the supporters

Editor's Note

With this year's first edition of Heineken Rivalry Week upon us, it's time to once again take a look at differences between the two New York supporters groups.
—Ben Baer, New Media Editor (June 20, 2017)

Original Text — June 27, 2015

How do you really feel about the other team's fans?

We wanted to find out more about how fans of New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls felt about each other ahead of their MLS Heineken Rivalry Week matchup, so MLSsoccer.com chatted with Jennifer Muller of the Red Bulls' Empire Supporters Club and Andy Bajana of NYCFC's Third Rail for a little bit of banter and insight into how the two fanbases feel about each other.

Here's what they said:

Question Jennifer Muller
Empire Supporters Club (New York Red Bulls)
Andy Bajana
Third Rail (New York City FC)
What's the typical opposing supporter's preferred mode of transit? A fixed gear bike or long board. They don’t need transportation, they haven’t gone anywhere in 20 years.
What's their favorite album (or band)? You've probably never heard of them, some hipster band. Springsteen. That’s it. They all love Springsteen in Jersey.
What's their favorite beer? Blue Moon, but not for the reason you’d think. They pass themselves off as an independent, craft brew but they’re really just operating as part of a multi-million dollar corporation that has priorities elsewhere. Can you mix beer with an energy drink?
The typical opposing fan's natural habitat is... Their mom’s house in Westchester. The swamps of Jersey.
The typical opposing fan's best Yankee Stadium/Red Bull Arena memory? This is actually my favorite memory as well; [Derek] Jeter’s last at-bat ever, hits a walk off. Brought a tear to my eye. Probably that one time you couldnt see ALLLLLLL the empty blue seats. Oh, wait, that's because we were there too.
Their favorite chant is X, because Y. It’s hard to hear their chants on TV, but I saw one on their song sheet that I’m glad they included because it’s pretty complicated. I believe it goes “NYC (clap).” Do they sing 'Esta Noche' on repeat too it is that just the Cosmos?
Who is the opposing fan's dream signing? Is it too easy to say Frank Lampard? I guess I’d say anyone from the cover of FIFA '07. I can't think of just one... Mike Petke, Mike Petke, and Mike Petke.
The opposing fan got into soccer because... They were so excited about the 2014 World Cup, so when they heard there was a brand new domestic league starting in 2015, they wanted to get in on the ground floor. Because it was "cool and edgy" 10-20 years ago to like soccer. God forbid the sport goes mainstream.
What is the typical opposing fan's favorite historical moment in the game? Well they go back a ways, so I’d say Landon [Donovan]’s goal vs. Algeria [in the 2010 World Cup] since they’re old school. They remember how it was back in the day. They're too good for world soccer, but remember that time they had the best record in MLS despite a horrendously unbalanced schedule? No? Just ask them about. 
What would you do if one of your family members came out as a fan of the opposing team? I’d have to ask for a DNA test, make sure they really are family. If a family member came out as a Red Bull fan, I wouldn’t be upset. Out of necessity some of us were Metro or RB fans originally, but New Yorkers following the Jersey Energy Drinks now that there’s a team actually representing us? I’d have to cut them out of the family.