VIDEO: Sean Johnson and Dan Kennedy face off in final of Continental Tire's "What'cha Got" series | SIDELINE

Who's got the best ride in MLS now? It's gotta be Sean Johnson.

The Chicago Fire goalkeeper beat out his positional counterpart, Dan Kennedy, in the final of Continental Tire's "What'cha Got" driving contest, and now he's got a Lamborghini for the next year.

The contest, pitting six MLS players in a Lamborghini racing tournament, came down to Johnson and Kennedy in the final.

Johnson's final run (watch above) was clean, and he notched a time of 41.34 seconds. Kennedy, meanwhile hit two cones, picking up two half-second penalties to finish with a time of 42.23 seconds.

As a result of winning the contest, Johnson now has a one-year lease for a Lamborghini. So if you see a sweet ride around the streets of Chicago, be sure to give Johnson a wave and of course, make way - do you know how powerful Lamborghini engines are?