VIDEO: Brian Dunseth takes on Real Salt Lake's Joao Plata in crossbar challenge | SIDELINE

Week after week, Real Salt Lake, NBCSN and ESPN color commentator Brian Dunseth takes on all comers for a local news segment on ABC 4 Utah in the timeless classic competition, the crossbar challenge.

While competing against — and often times beating — the competition, Dunseth manages to squeeze in a really great interview with that week's competitor from the RSL first-team.

This week, Dunseth is challenging — and taking right down to the wire — RSL's biggest breakout star of the 2014 season, Ecuadorian forward Joao Plata.

The interview with Plata offers a candid look into the recently-capped — and scorer of two goals — Ecuadorian national teamer's upbringing, how he manages to keep his upbeat personality at all times and the 2014 season which has been so good to him thus far.

Plata is loving life these days, and it's written all over his face.