VIDEO: New York Red Bulls try their best London accents ahead of Arsenal friendly | SIDELINE

Ahead of their trip Stateside to take on the New York Red Bulls on Saturday (5 pm ET, ESPN2), Arsenal's first-team players tried out their best New York accents in an attempt to better blend in with the locals this week.

The results were a mixed bag of "you're trying too hard" and "please just talk like yourself, Mathieu Flamini."

Naturally, it would only be fair for the Red Bulls to have their say and share their best London accents. Thankfully, the digital folks with the Red Bulls realized this and promptly made it happen.

Now you can decide for yourself who sounds more like an out-of-place tourist.

The Red Bulls players had a secret trump card that the Gunners didn't, though: a teammate hailing from London to coach them up, Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Spoiler: We don't think it helped very much.