DeAndre Yedlin and Shane O'Neill
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Sounders' DeAndre Yedlin ready to make Rapids' Shane O'Neill pay up for Super Bowl bet | SIDELINE

When two people who have more than 14,000 combined followers agree to a bet on Twitter, the agreement might as well be officially noterized these days, whether two hands physically shake or not. 

That's the lesson to be learned this week for Colorado Rapids defender Shane O'Neill, who made the following Super Bowl wager with Seattle Sounders defender DeAndre Yedlin:

Yedlin took the opportunity to simultaneously gloat and remind O'Neill about the bet on Monday.

Geoduck, what Yedlin refers to as "duck" above, is a species of large, edible, saltwater clam. It wasn't until after the bet was agreed upon that O'Neill realized what he'd gotten himself into.

Surely that's not something a world-class athlete should be putting into his body 24-48 hours before a 90-minute soccer game in which he's likely to run upward of six miles. Regardless, please remember, DeAndre, Instagram video is your our best friend in this event.


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