MLS Power Rankings, Week 7: A three-way run for the top spot in the poll

Note: Only MLS league games will be reflected in the rankings. The Power Rankings are voted on by the editorial staff at, and all comments are written by Matthew Doyle. All times Eastern.

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Last: 2

Move up to the No. 1 spot sort of by default – that wasn't a great performance by any stretch. But it was a well-earned point on the road, and that's what good teams do.


Last: 1

That got ugly quick. Dallas couldn't answer Seattle's intensity in the second half, and were forced to repeatedly scramble in defense. They didn't look like the home team.


Last: 3

Holding steady for now, but don't underestimate the loss of Ike Opara. He gave Sporting crucial minutes last season.

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  • This Week: Saturday vs. Montreal (8:30 pm, MLS Live)

Last: 7

Deuce is getting all the love, but let's spare a thought for Sigi Schmid. Two weeks in a row he's made clever tactical adjustments to get his team a result on the road.


Last: 4

Very good first half followed by a so-so second half. Good enough for a point, though at times this weekend it felt like they should have had all three.


Last: 6

Weren't as rampant against Vancouver as they were against Chivas the week before. The diamond midfield still looks good at times, but still isn't firing on all cylinders.


Last: 9

It was ugly and lacking in elegance, but it was a road win over a solid defensive team. Dillon Powers has quietly been one of the league's best players this year.


Last: 5

A much tougher defensive team than anyone thought they'd be. Obviously lacking punch without their two big names, however.


Last: 11

Week after week after week, they look the part of a playoff team. Week after week after week, they cough up points. Nobody in MLS is more frustrating.


Last: 10

Did really good work in LA, and had plenty of looks to come away with at least a point. Still trying to figure out the right formation and personnel.


Last: 16

Are these the real Revs? Always seemed in control against the Dynamo, and were rarely threatened. And it seems like the goals are going to start to come.


Last: 8

Three straight losses, and not a lot in this last one to suggest the streak's going to end this coming week on the road.


Last: 14

Went on the road and got a point, which seems to be their thing. The single-season record for draws is 16. This year's Fire already have five.


Last: 15

Stayed compact and smart defensively, and were just opportunistic enough to get a share. The result, however, is overshadowed by Tommy McNamara's injury.


Last: 18

Two wins in a row even though they were on the back foot for about 85 minutes in this one. D.C. aren't playing great, but suddenly they're getting results.


Last: 13

One of the things that defined the Timbers last year was how precise they were with the ball. That's been mostly absent so far in 2014, and they're paying the price.


Last: 12

Frustration is starting to boil over for New York fans, who didn't imagine their first title defense of any sort would be so depressing.


Last: 17


Dead last in the league on points, but showed a certain zest and flexibility with the addition of Yannick Djalo in the second half. 

Last: 19

The Power Rankings Politburo doesn't have any easy answers for our friends in Montreal. And it only gets harder with this weekend's trip to KC.