MLS Power Rankings, MLS Cup: Sporting Kansas City finish on top in final poll

We knew it all along.

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Last: 3

Learned how to play pretty, but always remembered how to play tough. Deserving MLS Cup champs in 2013, and will enter 2014 as Shield favorites.

  • Final Result: Won MLS Cup
  • First Kick: 2 High: 1 (Final) Low: 10 (Week 4)

Last: 4

If three plays had gone differently, this becomes the first team in league history to win the treble. Instead they had yet another trophy-less season.

  • Final Result: Lost to SKC in MLS Cup
  • First Kick: 8 High: 1 (Week 28) Low: 11 (Week 4)


Last: 2

Feels like the tip of the iceberg, and if the West wasn't set to be completely murderous, would probably be next season's Shield favorites.

  • Final Result: Lost to RSL in Conference Championship
  • First Kick: 13 High: 1 (Week 16) Low: 13 (Week 5)

Last: 1

Big round of applause for finally getting a piece of silverware, but can Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill and Jámison Olave continue to hold off father time? Next year is most likely this group's last shot at MLS Cup.

  • Final Result: Lost to HOU in Conference Semifinals
  • First Kick: 9 High: 1 (Week 35) Low: 15 (Week 4)


Last: 5

Never got that third attacking option after trading away Mike Magee, and that was basically that. Their 2014 season is dependent upon the ability of Gyasi Zardes, Robbie Rogers or Jose Villarreal to step up -- or on Bruce Arena to strike gold with an offseason signing.

  • Final Result: Lost to RSL in Conference Semifinals
  • First Kick: 1 High: 1 (Week 9) Low: 10 (Week 18)

Last: 8


Bad injuries, bad finishing, and sporadically bad defense kept Houston from challenging New York and Sporting atop the East in the regular season. Still had a decent playoff run, but it feels like this team should have been better than it was.

  • Final Result: Lost to SKC in Conference Championship
  • First Kick: 3 High: 1 (Week 5) Low: 12 (Week 28)


Last: 6

Juan Agudelo was so, so instrumental in everything they did from mid-spring onwards. How they cope with his (likely) departure is pretty much the only offseason question that matters in Foxborough.

  • Final Result: Lost to SKC in Conference Semifinals
  • First Kick: 17 High: 6 (Week 35) Low: 19 (Week 8)

Last: 9

When the only players on the roster who meet or exceed expectations are the rookie right back and the fourth-string forward, but you still make the playoffs ... hell, we still Trust in Sigi. For one more year.

  • Final Result: Lost to POR in Conference Semifinals
  • First Kick: 6 High: 1 (Week 30) Low: 17 (Week 7)


Last: 7

Oscar Pareja held it together with duct tape and toothpicks through all the injuries and turnover. The best thing for this group would be some offseason continuity and a chance to build upon a successful 2013.

  • Final Result: Lost to SEA in Knockout Round
  • First Kick: 16 High: 2 (Week 25) Low: 19 (Week 2)

Last: 10

The Quakes were near the top of the league in PPG once Mark Watson took over, even if it was ugly as sin. They'll need 2012 versions of Wondo, Lenny and Gordon in 2014, though. If they do the 2013 thing again, there'll be no playoffs in the South Bay. 

  • Final Result: Sixth in Western Conference
  • First Kick: 4 High: 4 (First Kick) Low: 16 (Week 29)


Last: 11

Found some solutions near the end of the season, and finally look committed to the youth brigade. Lots of quality pieces that the new coach -- whoever that turns out to be -- will have to put together very, very quickly.

  • Final Result: Seventh in Western Conference
  • First Kick: 10 High: 3 (Week 2) Low: 15 (Week 29)

Last: 12

Memorable flame-out to end the regular season, and an even more memorable way to crash out of the playoffs. They need improvement from within in the worst way ahead of next March.

  • Final Result: Lost to HOU in Knockout Round
  • First Kick: 14 High: 1 (Week 15) Low: 14 (First Kick)


Last: 13

Frank Yallop's offseason cull is under way in earnest, but it looks like Chicago will keep most of their identity: 4-4-2, lots of attacking up the flanks and interplay around the area rather than pure crossing to the spot.

  • Final Result: Sixth in Eastern Conference
  • First Kick: 7 High: 7 (First Kick) Low: 19 (Week 5)

Last: 14

All about continuing the improvement curve -- and finding that one midfield maestro who can tie the room together.

  • Final Result: Seventh in Eastern Conference
  • First Kick: 15 High: 8 (Week 22) Low: 17 (Week 1)


Last: 15

The Crew generated a lot of chances in 2013, but very few "big" chances. Losing Eddie Gaven this past season was tough, in that regard; losing him for good in 2014 and beyond is brutal.

  • Final Result: Eighth in Eastern Conference
  • First Kick: 11 High: 4 (Week 4) Low: 17 (Week 28)

Last: 16

The Power Rankings Politburo is confused by the surfeit of moves happening in Dallas without a coach to call the shots.

  • Final Result: Eighth in Western Conference
  • First Kick: 12 High: 1 (Week 13) Low: 16 (Final)


Last: 17

Bright Dike and Jermaine Defoe is a forward pairing we can get behind. Need lots of help -- metric tonnes -- in the midfield, though.

  • Final Result: Ninth in Eastern Conference
  • First Kick: 19 High: 15 (Week 9) Low: 19 (Week 12)

Last: 18

They've gone 13-38-17 in the last two years, and it's not clear who the long-term difference-maker on this roster is. Nor is it clear who the coach is, or who the technical director is. Prohibitive favorites to finish dead last in 2014.
  • Final Result: Ninth in Western Conference
  • First Kick: 18 High: 6 (Week 6) Low: 19 (Week 25)

Last: 19

Cleared a lot of cap room and have every player-acquisition device under the sun to get new talent. Let's take a shot: Roel Brouwers (Discovery), Steve Birnbaum (SuperDraft), Jermaine Jones (Allocation), Kenny Cooper (Re-Entry), Samuel Eto'o (DP). Plus Danny Koevermans off the waiver wire.

You're welcome.

  • Final Result: Tenth in Eastern Conference
  • First Kick: 5 High: 4 (Week 3) Low: 19 (Final)



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