VIDEO: MLS Insider featuring Bob Bradley, Bethlehem Steel FC and Mike Petke | SIDELINE

A new episode of MLS Insider graced the airwaves of NBCSN and TSN on Friday, complete with all the American soccer culture goodness you've come to expect from the first-year feature series.

First up was Egyptian national team head coach Bob Bradley. In September 2011, the former US national team head coach undertook the task of trying to qualify the historically successful, yet World Cup-plagued, country for next summer's tournament in Brazil. Following a deadly riot at a league match just months into his tenure, the challenge became something greater than Bradley ever imagined.

By now you've seen the Philadelphia Union's 2013 third kit, which is an ode to one of the country's first pioneering soccer clubs in America during the early 1900s. But how much do you really know about the most successful American soccer club of the early 20th century? Probably not much, which is why this history lesson is mandatory viewing content for anyone interested in where the American game has been.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why New York Red Bulls head coach Mike Petke has cornered the market on MLS coaches wearing sweater vests on the sideline? Look no further than three popular rappers from the 1990s, as he tells KICKTV's Jimmy Conrad in an exclusive interview at the end of the episode.

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