MLS Power Rankings Week 12: Rave green rising as Seattle Sounders continue charge up the MLS ladder

The thought of moving Seattle all the way up from No. 8 to No. 1 clearly left us paralyzed with fear. And could we justify moving New York – the league's hottest team, going by results – all the way to the top when they keep getting outplayed game after game?

Wow – we bet that second question is really going to tick New York fans off. 

Note: Only MLS league games will be reflected in the rankings. The Power Rankings are voted on by the editorial staff at, and all comments are written by Matthew Doyle. All game times are Eastern.

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Last: 1


Admit it: You're mad that we still have them No. 1. But the thing is, up until the (questionable) red card, they had a legit shot in that game, on the road, while missing their best player (David Ferreira) and defender (George John), as well as a valuable starting midfielder (Andrew Jacobson). This team's for real, y'all.


Last: 2

Seven games in 22 days across all comps, and the Impact are still somewhat easily top of the Eastern Conference on points per game. Masterful coaching job by Marco Schällibaum thus far in 2013.

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Last Five: D-W-D-L-W
  • This Week: Saturday vs. Philadelphia (7:30 pm, MLS Live)


Last: 5

First off, we still can't believe that Mike Petke is, at best, only the third-most quotable new coach in the league, considering the guy was a quote machine during his playing days. You've gone soft, Mike! Second, you can tell when a team really, really loves playing for the guy on the sideline. That's what New York fans are seeing every week, even when the game's not pretty.

  • Last Week: Won vs. LA, 1-0
  • Last Five: W-W-W-D-W
  • This WeekSunday vs. Columbus (5 pm ET, UniMas)

Last: 8

The Power Rankings Politburo would like to point out that we only grudgingly moved Seattle out of the top 10 earlier this season. Even with injuries to Mauro Rosales, Steve Zakuani and Osvaldo Alonso, and Obafemi Martins running at about 70 percent, this team looks fairly unstoppable in attack.


Last: 3

Yeah, they were robbed of a goal, and yes, D.C. with Dwayne De Rosario, Nick DeLeon and Chris Pontius is a different kind of D.C. than the one everybody took turns beating the crap out of for two months. But the fact remains that SKC got one point where everybody else has been getting three, so they drop.

  • Last Week: Drew at D.C., 1-1
  • Last Five: L-W-L-W-D
  • This Week: Sunday vs. Houston (3:30 pm, NBCSN)

Last: 4

We could say some of the same stuff about Portland that we just did about SKC, but calling that Vancouver result "dropped" points would be harsh. Our real concern is injuries – on the backline, and now with Darlington Nagbe, whose dynamism going forward was instantly missed.


Last: 7

Robbie Keane, wide open from six yards for the win? Most LA fans would take that (and if the game were in the playoffs, we're betting he buries that header). The loss hurts the Galaxy's Shield hopes, but honestly, we're pretty sure they're just working out the kinks at this point.


Last: 9

Ned Grabavoy got the "wide midfielder vs. Chivas USA" bounce this past week – seriously, midfielders are just pouring in goals vs. the Goats. Beyond that, though, let's give a serious round of applause to this team for rebuilding on the fly and staying in contention the entire time.


Last: 10

And a bigger round of applause to this franchise – specifically Oscar Pareja – for finding a plan, improving upon it and figuring out a way to get results week after week after week with guys who really weren't supposed to be starters. Nathan Sturgis is just the latest in what seems to be an endless list.


Last: 6

Jumping the gun on dropping these guys a bit, maybe? It's the Dynamo, after all – they're never really as vulnerable as they seem, and on paper this team competes for the Shield. But the offense is sputtering, and the defense still looks a cut below the best this league has to offer.


Last: 11

Slaughtered one game, then out for a tight victory the next. The Union have a lot of upside if they're able to get on the same page, but right now it really is a coin flip as to which team will show up.


Last: 13

Credit to the Crew for finding a way to stop the bleeding on the road in a rivalry game. Yes, with the way Toronto are playing at the moment, that's a game any team "should" win. But "should" is often harder than it seems. Going to New York this weekend, however, seems like an impossible task.


Last: 15

A couple of weeks back, we said this team doesn't "feel" like a terrible team, despite what were – at the time – largely terrible results. Now they've got a signature win, they've shown they have plenty of depth, and in Diego Fagundez, they have a remarkable talent – truly, honestly remarkable – coming into his own.


Last: 14

That draw vs. Portland is probably a good result, all things considered, but the 'Caps are more likely to focus on the two home points lost. At least they have a bye week to keep working on it – and maybe pick up a Canadian Championship title midweek.


Last: 12

Considering they have four in a row, and six of the next seven on the road, that Colorado game was very, very close to a "must-win." And the Quakes didn't win, against a team that had only five of its 11 presumed starters on the field. We're mashing the "panic" button.


Last: 17

"Wait," you're saying, "how in the name of all things holy can the Fire move up after that performance?" It's befuddling to us as well, but this is what it comes down to: The Fire aren't getting stomped, just beaten. The teams below them, on the other hand, have largely been roadkill.


Last: 16

Anyone else get the sense that Chelís is about to rage-quit, FIFA 13 style? If he still had Oswaldo Minda and Juan Agudelo, he'd have building blocks for a team that could compete (see: March). But he doesn't, and he looks like a beaten man already.


Last: 19

Things certainly have looked a bit better going forward the last couple of weeks – no surprise since it coincided with the return of DeLeon and Pontius, two international-caliber players. United are still incredibly vulnerable down the flanks, though, and have the world's deepest hole to climb out off.

Last: 18

For a while in March and early April, it looked like this was going to be one of those "fun" rebuilding years. Now it doesn't – though we can't help but think TFC find themselves up 2- or 3-0 at the half if Danny Koevermans is on the end of some of those looks Justin Braun got.