Houston Dynamo resolve Twitter incident with Brickwall Firm supporters group

It took a day or two, but cooler heads have prevailed in Houston after an unfortunate incident involving homophobic tweets posted on a Dynamo supporters group's Twitter account Sunday night.

On Monday Dynamo officials met with the leadership of the Brickwall Firm, the group at the center of the controversy, and determined that the tweets were the product of a single individual whose statements did not reflect the group's collective values. Brickwall has been tasked with identifying and ejecting -- from their ranks as well as from future Dynamo matches -- the person who wrote them.

“First of all, something totally unacceptable in society has occurred,” Dynamo president Chris Canetti told the Houston Chronicle. “We are condemning the comments. The leaders of the group are condemning the comments. They don’t share those values. It was an individual.

“It doesn’t paint a broad picture of members of Brickwall, our supporters groups, our fans or our community. We are going to work with the group to have the person identified and have the group take action against that individual.”

The Brickwall Firm's official account tweeted out an explicit slur towards LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan after Houston's 1-0 win over LA. A day later, Brickwall apologized for the incident in a series of tweets that underlined the isolated nature of the opinions which had been expressed.

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