Teitur Thordarson
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Thordarson pleased with 'Caps effort, but rues lack of finish

VANCOUVER, B.C. – With 12 MLS games under their belt, it’s clear the Vancouver Whitecaps have figured out how to be competitive. However, after their sixth draw – their fifth at home – it seems they just can’t figure out how to win.

Looking to break their lengthy MLS winless streak, the Whitecaps couldn’t quite come through as they were forced to settle for a 1-1 result at home versus the New York Red Bulls on Saturday.


“I feel that, again, I’m quite disappointed because I feel that we should have managed to take three points here today,” head coach Teitur Thordarson said. “I thought we played a good first half, but not as good in the second. The hardworking part is there for 90 minutes, but we just don’t manage to put it in.”

Even though the Red Bulls were missing several of their best players – including stars Thierry Henry and Rafa Márquez – they still looked as good as any side that has visited Empire Field this season.

“It was a very good half — two very good teams and the tempo was good,” Thordarson said. “I think you’re not very far off when you say that was possibly the best half that two teams have had here in Vancouver [this season].”

But like most every home match that Vancouver has played this season, a momentarily slip up cost them the advantage that they’d worked so hard to achieve.

This time, however, that slip up was no fault of their own as Luke Rodgers stepped on the foot of Alain Rochat, which allowed the Englishman to break free and score the equalizer.

“He was stepped on, and he did fall because of that,” said Thordarson of the play. “That goal would have never been had that not happened.”

Still, the Whitecaps say that it shouldn’t of come down to that.

“We had two or three good chances and had just one goal,” Davide Chiumiento said. “We made a mistake and they scored. They’re a good team for sure.”

Though the results still elude his squad, Thordarson emphasized that if his team can continue to improve, the wins will eventually come.

“I think we have shown so many times in terms of level of play that we have no problems, absolutely no problems whatsoever,” emphasized Thordarson. “We create chances on every team in this league, but we just need to finish this off.

"Obviously there’s no doubt that players get frustrated when they play in so many games and have so many chances and don’t get a win.”