Dwayne De Rosario (DL).

TFC expect De Rosario back for camp

TORONTO — Toronto FC executives say they are not holding a grudge over Dwayne de Rosario’s unexpected trial with Scottish giant Celtic.

“What happened is there was some confusion in regards to having the insurance in order," COO Tom Anselmi said. "We’ve worked that out and expect him to be back with the club in time for training camp."

New head of player personnel Paul Mariner backed up Anselmi’s words and said that he and new coach Aron Winter have been fully briefed on the situation. Both men say they expect De Rosario to be on the pitch with Toronto when the 2011 season starts.

“Over the next few days, we will sit down with all of our players and talk about what we expect moving forward,” Mariner said. “I expect our captain [De Rosario] will be one of the first people we want to talk to.”

De Rosario is on record saying that he wants to be paid a designated player salary. Although Mariner would not discuss details, he says that Toronto are working with the league to work something out and resolve the salary impasse.

The club says that De Rosario is expected to report back on Jan. 18.