It’s an incident that sparked a post-match fracas, as well as a debate by MLS supporters and pundits alike.

Was David Ochoa punting the ball into the Wonderwall, the Minnesota United supporters’ section, that big of a deal?

Loons coach Adrian Heath clearly thought so. Minnesota United defender Michael Boxall, too, calling the Real Salt Lake goalkeeper “a bit of a clown,” in the immediate aftermath of RSL’s 2-1 road victory Saturday night.

Was it taboo? Petulance? Not a big deal?

Joining in the discussion were FS1 analysts Alexi Lalas and Maurice Edu on Sunday.

“Listen you win the game, fine, I’m all about banter, I’m all about interaction, getting into it with opposing fans, I have no issue with that,” Edu said. “I’m sure there must have been some words exchanged back and forth. But to now take it that extra step and boot the ball at the fans? Inexcusable, unforgivable, he’s definitely going down the pecking order in my opinion.”

Lalas took the opposite side of the debate.

“I was under the impression that this wall over there in Minnesota was this wondrous incredible wall of strength and instead I come to find out actually it’s this wailing, whining wall of Loons,” Lalas said. “C’mon! This is the hill you want to die on if you’re the Loons? You lost at home, alright? And you’re going to worry about a ball being kicked up in the air into your supporters’ section?”

Whatever your thoughts, it's an incident that's likely to be talked about for some time to come.