Whitecaps' Masato Kudo taken to hospital after collision with Chicago GK

Vancouver Whitecaps forward Masato Kudo left Wednesday night's game against the Chicago Fire in the first half following a violent collision with Chicago Fire goalkeeper Matt Lampson.

Kudo, a Japanese international in his first year with the Whitecaps, appeared dazed and bloodied, and has been taken to a local Vancouver hospital for evaluation.

The incident occurred in the 12th minute. Kudo was chasing a long-ball from 'Caps midfielder Matias Laba as Lampson came off his line to collect the wayward pass. Lampson was first to the ball, cradling it before attempting to duck out of the way.

Unfortunately he and Kudo slammed into each other, and Kudo received the worst of the collision. He reportedly bit his tongue and lip on impact, which led to profuse bleeding.

Chicago defender Joao Meira and midfielder Razvan Cocis both immediately rushed to Kudo's side, signaling to the sideline for the trainers and appearing to stabilize Kudo's head and neck.

The Whitecaps trainers tended to Kudo for several minutes, after which he was able to sit up and then stand. He was driven off the field in a cart.

"It's just unlucky," Lampson told CSN-Chicago at halftime. "I'm going in, I think his head just hit my shoulder. It's just part of the game."