Did Alberth Elis just produce the goal celebration of the year in MLS?

The Honduran international thumped home a pinpoint cross from teammate Vicente Sanchez to open the scoring in the Houston Dynamo's 2-1 home win over Minnesota United in Week 30, and raced to the sidelines to catch a mask from his colleagues, then donned it before striking a classic pose.

Elis' nickname, you see, is La Panterita, or "The Little Panther." And with his season totals at 10 goals and four assists, it seems that he's graduated to "big cat" status, right up there with comic-book superhero The Black Panther, or T'Challa as he's known in his fictional kingdom of Wakanda. 

If you had any doubts about all the symbolism here, the Dynamo's Twitter account has got you covered...