Sporting KC - fan's "re-customized" Dom Dwyer jersey - thumbnail ONLY

Sometimes it's not easy being a fan. You live and die with your team's results. You carve out hours, even days at a time to attend their games both home and away. And of course, you drop serious coin to garb yourself in the same gear your favorites wear on the pitch. 

So when one of your heroes gets traded out of town and you've already invested in their authentic, game-worn jersey, what do you do? Throw it away? Give it away? 

One of Sporting Kansas City's supporters faced this dilemma in the wake of Dom Dwyer's blockbuster trade from KC to Orlando City last month, a transaction that saw $400,000 in General Allocation Money, $500,000 in Targeted Allocation Money, and $700,000 in future allocation money based on performance – a package that could total a league-record $1.6 million in allocation monies should Dwyer continue his strong track record of stellar performance. 

How about this solution? It's still an authentic Sporting jersey, now just a bit more... abstract in nature...