Chris Wondolowski scream - San Jose - Nov. 22, 2020

One more year? Chris Wondolowski and the San Jose Earthquakes are in discussions over a new contract.

The legendary forward originally intended to retire after the 2020 season but opted to reconsider as the year progressed. Wondolowski, who will turn 38 in January, remained effective with seven goals in 1,275 minutes in regular season play. He scored a dramatic equalizer in stoppage time against Sporting KC in the club's playoff game, though they were eliminated after penalties. 

With 166 goals and counting, Wondolowski is MLS's all-time leading scorer. 

“I did talk to Peter (Vermes), he asked if I was done. I don’t think I’m done,” Wondolowski said after their playoff loss. “I love it, I can't get enough of it, it's in my blood and so I want to continue to play. I don't have anything in line yet, I haven’t discussed any numbers, and I definitely never want to be a burden on the Quakes. but also want to make sure [I] see all the options, see what's out there."

Wondolowski is concerned with playing for a contending team. The Quakes have made the playoffs only four of his 13 seasons with the team.

“I think that the Quakes are doing some amazing things and I want to make sure the pieces can be moved to continue to make this team grow and continue to be better," Wondolowski said. "That's my long-winded story. ... To be honest, I want to see how we want to win or what we're going to do to become a contender every single year. I think that's the main question that I have.”