Robbie Rogers - LA Galaxy - Chats

LA Galaxy defender Robbie Rogers made a return to action on Saturday after a two-and-a-half month injury layoff, appearing for LA Galaxy II in a USL match against the Orange County Blues.

Unfortunately, the return was marred by a barrage of homophobic abuse from an opposing player, Rogers wrote in a social media post on Sunday. 

Describing the repeated use of a particular homophobic slur, Rogers, who came out four years ago, outlined his shock, anger and sadness.

"Sad the [sic] we still live in a time where this kind of intolerance still exists in my sport and elsewhere,“ Rogers wrote.

Rogers says this was the first time a player has directed a homophobic slur at him since he returned from a short playing hiatus in 2013, when he joined the Galaxy. Since arriving in LA, Rogers has made 66 appearances in the regular season and the MLS Cup Playoffs, and won the 2014 MLS Cup.

"I am proud more than ever that I had the courage to come out as a queer man," Rogers wrote. "I feel so fortunate to have gotten to share my story with others and to have gotten to play this sport I love so much as an openly gay person. I am, more than ever, thankful to have teammates and a family that love and support me for the son, brother, partner, father and queer player that I am."

On Sunday evening, MLS released a statement, announcing that it would investigate the incident and reiterating its "zero tolerance for homophobia."  

Rogers closed his post with an appeal to any fellow gay athletes who have not come out, recognizing the difficulty of choosing to come out and encouraging those who are prepared to do so.

"Only you know when and how it's best for you to live your truth and share your story, but each one of you that chooses to make this courageous step is not just vastly improving your own life but literally saving others."

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