Reggie Cannon reveals his go-to TV shows, video games to pass the time

The Office - Cannon's favorite shows -- THUMB

Trying to make the most of his time social distancing, FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon is sorted on leisurely entertainment. 

He's even developed some ever-reliable shows to stream and video games to play, joining the hot-topic discussions that are raging across the country. Cannon, 21, recently rattled of his top five TV shows and had a surprise entry at No. 1

"Oof, wow," Cannon told reporters on a conference call as he gathered his thoughts. "I'm going to go 'One Piece' at No. 1. It's anime, I bet a lot of people don't even know what it is." 

Reggie Cannon's Top Five TV shows of all-time

  1. "One Piece"
  2. "The Office"
  3. "Parks and Recreation"
  4. "Family Guy"
  5. "Naruto"

"One Piece" is a Japanese anime TV series that premiered in 1999 and is still making new episodes today. It's filed under the adventure and fantasy genres. 

“I have a good rotation of shows. I’ve found myself going between 'The Office' and 'Parks and Rec' pretty often," Cannon said. "I never get tired of them, even though I’ve seen all the episodes of them. They’re so funny. Also, 'Family Guy.' I really enjoy that too and seen all the episodes, but it’s so re-playable. That’s what I’ve done with most of my time. That and video games.”

Cannon isn't the only MLS player to roll out his favorites, as New York Red Bulls trio Amro Tarek, Florian Valot and Mathias Jorgensenrevealed what they're watching right now.

While streaming shows and movies can be a solo endeavor, Cannon and his Dallas teammates are keeping in communication via a group chat and by playing video games.

“We’re all playing Call of Duty together, we got a group going," Cannon said. "A lot of them play Fortnite right now. I’m not really into that." 

Call of Duty released a battle royale-style game called Warzone on March 10 that's free to download and has quickly become wildly popular. It's just one way the group stays connected while isolated.

"We have a group chat going on, everyone is checking in on each other," Cannon said. "We’re making sure everyone is alright. The club are sending us training plans and nutrition stuff to stay somewhat fit – we can only do so much obviously. It’s been tough, but doing stuff inside the house is a real priority.”