Radamel Falcao Inter Miami jersey - July 27, 2020


No words for this Transfer Tracker rumor. Just photos.

Pics began swirling on social media of Inter Miami jerseys on store racks with the name of famed Colombian striker Radamel Falcao. Other pictures had a number of fans donning the jerseys and they were circulated around the world, adding fuel to the speculation that would have Falcao wearing the Rosanegra jersey.

Although it's unclear whether the photos were authentic, who was selling the jerseys or who was responsible for creating them, an Instagram account that features several of the photos of fans in Falcao jerseys claims to be a group "persuading our team to sign Radamel Falcao Garcia."

The star forward is currently under contract at Turkish club Galatasaray and has been linked to Inter Miami dating back to 2018 with part-owner David Beckham telling a Colombian outlet in 2019 that he's looking to sign players from the South American country for his new expansion team.

Falcao was definitely the subject of the jersey-fueled chatter on this day among Miami supporters and Colombian media: