Luis Binks solo

Editor's note: Thierry Henry and Luis Binks both left the hotel more than two weeks ago, according to a Montreal Impact spokesperson.

It sounds like the plot of a reality television show or an old Twilight Zone episode. There were two guests residing at a hotel in downtown Montreal: Impact head coach Thierry Henry and new signing Luis Binks.

But that was reality for Binks, the 18-year-old England youth international by way of Tottenham Hotspur and one of the most iconic players in the world. They were the only ones staying at the hotel during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I see him down in reception, just sitting on his own, and we’ll have a chat,” Binks told the Daily Mail.

Binks said Henry is “one of the big reasons I came here,” and gave the center back an exclusive window to chat up his head coach — although those conversations weren't taking place in Henry’s room.

“I was asking him the other day about the best defenders he’s played against — he was telling me all about Alessandro Nesta and Lillian Thuram,” Binks said. “So it’s just me and the manager, there are no new guests coming in and all the others have moved out. He hasn’t invited me down to his room yet, but I bet he’s got the big suite!”

With room service discontinued, the two often met in the lobby for daily deliveries from the Impact. Binks said he also ran up and down the stairs in order to stay fit, plus jogs on the empty streets of Montreal.

Binks, who has played every minute of his first two MLS games, has yet to kick a ball in the hallways with Henry.

“‘I don’t think I’d want to,” Binks said. “I’ve seen him in training, he’d still beat me!”

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