Thierry Henry - Montreal Impact - Close up

Between his work as a broadcaster and the start of his coaching career, Montreal Impact head coach Thierry Henry has been going virtually non-stop since his illustrious playing career ended in 2014.

With that in mind, Henry said in an interview posted on the UEFA YouTube channel on Friday that he's been using MLS's hiatus to re-center himself and focus on his mental and physical well-being.

"Taking care of myself is something you forget as a player or coach, you give your time to everyone," Henry told UEFA. "I took some time for myself, if I can say in a selfish way, but it's important we all once again become human – the virus has reminded us what it is to be human, what it is to be together, respectful.

"Generally, since I stopped playing, I passed my badges straight away so I've been busy and then I worked on TV, but you know what – taking time for myself [is what I've been doing]."

Henry acknowledged that life as a coach can take its toll, which is why he realized during quarantine that he could try and use the break from the rigors and grind of the profession as a positive. The legendary striker served as an assistant coach for Belgium and as the manager for Monaco before making the move to the Impact.

"As a coach no one cares what you think or how you are, they want to give the coach their problems and he needs to find solution – whether it's the press, fans, the board," he said. "As a leader that's how you need to be, sort stuff, look like the guy who isn't suffering and it takes its toll on you.

"So, for the first time I reconnected with my body and my mind."

Watch the whole interview below.