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MLS Fantasy is back for 2021, giving you more reason to get excited for the 2021 season.

Sign up now to compete against your friends and family, as you will have a chance to earn bragging rights again in 2021. There's two ways to win great prizes; either by placing in the top of the season long Overall standings, or by qualifying for the Fantasy Champions League.

Sound enticing? The initial setup only takes a few minutes – let’s quickly walk through the process for setting up an MLS Fantasy team.

Setting Up Your Team

To set up a team, head to fantasy.mlssoccer.com and hit the Play Now button to get started.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the initial team set-up page. Your task: construct a 15-man roster using your allotted $100 million in salary.

You can shift your formation, if you wish – anything from a defense-minded 5-4-1 to an attack-heavy 4-3-3 is allowed. To make substitutions or change your formation, simply click the red/green circle and make your change. Once you’ve settled on your players, select a captain and click Save Team to lock it in.

Congrats! Your squad is ready for Week 1!

Joining A League

Now that you’ve got your squad, it’s time to join a league. Upon signing up, you’ll be automatically entered into three public leagues: the overall competition, Fantasy Champions League Qualifier #1 and if you have a favorite club set, a team-specific public league with other fans of that team!

In addition to these starter leagues, you can create five private leagues and join unlimited public and private leagues. Private leagues offer a message board functionality so you can talk smack among your fellow league members.


Fantasy Champions League

While MLS Fantasy is going back to a full-season competition, there is a new way the season will be split up for some. The first 23 weeks of the season will be split up into four qualifiers. The top 50 managers from each qualifier will advance to the Fantasy Champions League, where they will have a chance to win over $2,000 in prizes. The FCL will take place over the final four fantasy weeks of the 2021 season (24-27). If a manger qualifies for the FCL, they will not be eligible to compete in future qualifiers.

Dynamic Roster Budget

While you start with $100 million to build your roster, over the course of the season, your roster budget will rise or fall based on how your players perform.

Double-game Week Scoring

During the 2021 season, some clubs may play twice in a fantasy week. For players on those clubs, only the highest score between the two matches will count. This adds more strategy to the game as it is no longer a given that managers should prioritize DGW players. Though if you do pick a DGW player, he will have two chances to get a high score instead of one.

Prize Information

The overall winner of the season will earn $1,500, while the winner of the FCL will take home $1,000.

For complete contest rules and eligibility requirements, head to to the Prizes page.