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MLS Fantasy 101: A beginner's guide 

If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner insert favorite MLS manager here\] and become an MLS Fantasy manager, we’ve got you covered! It’s not too late to [sign up for MLS Fantasy, and there’s no better way to add some excitement while watching your favorite players in action.

Weekly top scorers win a $150 MLS Store gift card, and new entrants still stand a chance to qualify for the Fantasy Champions League, where the grand prize winner pockets a cool $500.

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Building a team

After signing up, it’s time to put together a cup-winning side. MLS Fantasy managers have a budget of $100 million to spend on a team of 15 players.

You must select an initial squad of 15 players (11 starters, 4 bench players) to complete your team. After the selection of your initial squad, your team can be made up of any of the below formations.

Note: Two goalkeepers must be selected. One in the starting lineup and one on the bench.

Starting (D-M-F)
Bench (D-M-F)


Player prices change once per round after the completion of the round. A player’s initial price is based on their scores from the previous year along with numerous other factors. Player prices fluctuate based on a combination of past performances and recent games, with the most recent games having the largest influence on their value.

Transfers and deadlines

Without exceeding your team’s roster value, you can make an unlimited amount of transfers throughout the season. Fantasy managers are able to transfer players at any point once the player lockout is lifted at the beginning of each game week and before that individual player’s team begins playing their next game.

There is a rolling lockout for transfers and substitution. This means players can be substituted and transferred until the start of that player’s match. Players are locked into your squad for that round once the player’s match starts.


Players earn fantasy points each match based on their performance and the MLS Fantasy scoring system. Goals, assists, and clean sheets are a few of the top-earning actions, and players are also awarded bonus points for a bevy of attacking and defensive contributions.

Get familiar with the scoring system to take your team to the top.

Pro Tip - Don’t forget to set your captain! Your captain’s score is doubled each round, making for some big swings on the leaderboards if you make the right call.

Selecting the top players

Now that you’ve made it this far, it’s time to make sure you field a competitive side. Do you go with your gut, or rely on the statistics? Sometimes it’s as easy as loading up on heavy home favorites who are squaring off against a last-place team that leaks goals and struggles on the road. It also helps to include primary penalty kick and set-piece takers to boost your squad's attacking upside.

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