Last update: January 8, 2022

The Allocation Process is the mechanism used to determine which club has first priority to acquire a player listed on the Allocation Ranking List. This list will consist of (i) select U.S. Men's National Team players, (ii) select youth U.S. National Team players, and/or (iii) former MLS players returning to MLS after joining a non-MLS club for an outgoing transfer fee of $500,000 or more. Generally, the League will update the Allocation Ranking List once a year (typically after the conclusion of the MLS Regular Season), but may make additional updates in its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, adding players transferred out of MLS and top U.S. youth national team players.

Allocation Ranking Order

  1. Miami
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Toronto
  4. Houston
  5. Austin
  6. Dallas
  7. Chicago
  8. San Jose
  9. Charlotte
  10. LAFC
  11. Montreal
  12. Columbus
  13. D.C.
  14. LA
  15. New York
  16. Vancouver
  17. Minnesota
  18. Orlando
  19. Atlanta
  20. Seattle
  21. Nashville
  22. Kansas City
  23. Colorado
  24. New England
  25. Salt Lake
  26. Philadelphia
  27. Portland
  28. New York City

2022 Allocation Ranking List

Last update: January 8, 2022

The Allocation Ranking List is comprised of players in the following categories:

  • Select U.S. Men’s National Team players.
  • Select elite U.S. Youth National Team players.
  • Players transferred outside of MLS garnering a transfer fee of at least $500,000 (USD).

The players who will be included on the Allocation Ranking List will be determined by Major League Soccer’s player personnel department and club technical staffs and will be updated once each year, during the time window between the end of the MLS regular season and MLS Cup. The Allocation Ranking List will only be updated during the season if an elite U.S. youth national team player turns 18 or graduates from the U.S. Soccer Residency Program in Bradenton, FL and is deemed eligible for the list. In addition, the Allocation Ranking List will be updated when a player is transferred out of MLS for more than $500,000.

Allocation Ranking List Players:

Aaronson, Brenden - Transfer

Adams, Tyler - Transfer

Almiron, Miguel - Transfer

Anangono, Juan - Transfer

Aranguiz, Pablo - Transfer

Atuesta, Eduard - Transfer

Buchanan, Tajon - Transfer

Cannon, Reggie - Transfer

Carmona, Carlos - Transfer

Clark, Caden - Transfer

Davies, Alphonso - Transfer

Dos Santos, Thiago - Transfer

Durkin, Chris - Transfer

Elis, Alberth - Transfer

Gaber, Omar - Transfer

Giovinco, Sebastian - Transfer

Gruezo, Carlos - Transfer

Harrison, Jack - Transfer

Horta, Andre - Transfer

Hwang, lnBeom - Transfer

Ibarra, Romario - Transfer

Larin, Cyle - Transfer

Martinez, Gonzalo "Pity" - Transfer

Martins, Obafemi - Transfer

McKenzie, Mark - Transfer

Miazga, Matt - Transfer

Murillo, Michael - Transfer

Nedyalkov, Anton - Transfer

Ondrasek, Zdenek - Transfer

Poku, Kwadwo - Transfer

Pulisic, Christian - Senior USMNT

Ream, Tim - Transfer

Reynolds, Bryan - Transfer

Richards, Chris - Transfer

Rivero, Octavio - Transfer

Rochat, Alain - Transfer

Sanvezzo, Camilo - Transfer

Sargent, Josh - Senior USMNT

Savarino, Jefferson - Transfer

Scally, Joe - Transfer

Silva, Alejandro - Transfer

Steffen, Zack - Transfer

Taider, Saphir - Transfer

Tessmann, Francis Tanner - Transfer

Valencia, Jose Adolfo - Transfer

Villalba, Hector - Transfer

Yedlin, DeAndre - Transfer

  • Yotun, Yoshimar - Transfer

2022 Allocation Ranking Order Transactions

  • None