Major League Soccer
420 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Dan Courtemanche
Executive Vice President, Communications
O: 212-450-1225
C: 646-831-8813


  • Manages the MLS/SUM Communications department
  • Senior spokesperson for MLS and SUM
  • Media liaison to Commissioner Don Garber & MLS Senior Executives

Marisabel Muňoz
Vice President, Communications
O: 212-450-1262
C: 646-831-0262


  • Primary contact for U.S. Hispanic and international media for MLS and SUM
  • Oversees media operations for SUM properties
  • Speaks fluent Spanish

Lauren Hayes
Senior Director, Communications
O: 212-450-1227
C: 708-921-6504


  • Primary contact for sports media
  • Oversees all competition-related media initiatives
  • Proficient in Spanish

Angela Alfano
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
O: 646-682-5313
C: 703-447-5629


  • Oversees non-sports communications for MLS and SUM
  • Primary media contact for business media outlets
  • Primary contact for conference appearances for MLS and SUM employees

Alex Zerkel
Senior Director, Communications
O: 646-682-5225
C: 706-248-6812

Christa Mann
Senior Manager, Communications
O: 212-450-1377
C: 404-579-4344


  • Conversational in Spanish

Paola García
Manager, International Communications
O: 212-450-1365
C: 347-806-3268

  • Focuses on U.S. Hispanic and international media relations
  • Media operations for SUM events
  • Fluent in Spanish

Michelle Lomas
Manager, International Communications
O: 646-682-5269
C: 623-980-4279

Gabriel Gabor
Senior International Communications Consultant
C: 917-364-2755


  • Focuses on U.S. Hispanic and international media relations, with emphasis on Latin America
  • Serves as Press Officer for various SUM international events, as well as MLS special events
  • Media training specialist
  • Based in Miami, Fla.
  • Fluent in Spanish and conversational Portuguese

Rick Lawes
Editorial Consultant
C: 646-342-3193

  • Contact for all statistical needs; Communications liaison to Elias Sports Bureau and Opta Sports
  • Manages MLS publications, including game guides and notes, and the Fact & Record Book
  • Very proficient in Spanish